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so, 'the left' has been wondering why it cant reach 'the working class' since the 19th century.
in more than a hundred years, this mystery hasnt been solved.

maybe its got to do with a few of these:

even tho i went to uni, i never felt quite right there. even when i had a post-graduate job while studying for a bachelors degree. it was the classmates who made fun of my piss-poor lunch 'do you wanna eat all of this alone'?
it was some other student who, while i was campaigning against study fees, said that '500 euro per semester is nothing, rly' before she drove off in her brand-new volvo, that her granddad had gifted her (hey, whats 80k for a car anyway....).

it was the professor who ruined my masters degree in the end, when she refused to let me into one of the last classes on adult education - because i couldnt afford to buy her book (!). i still remember that day, i left my uni crying and now that i am sitting here, remembering, i still do.

it was the years of being a student with a handicap - who never got any help; instead i had able-bodied folks coming to my house, to help them with their assignments - for food. they have since all long-finished their degrees, while i gotta keep fighting.

its the professor who discriminated against me for standing up to nazis, telling me that the npd was 'a legitimate democratic party' - while firing me on the spot and taking all of my funding in the blink of an eye, for trying to stand up for whats right.

the same professor discriminating against me during my masters exams, for still disliking a leftie - and getting away with it, even tho i am crippled, was traumatized by a murder-suicide at work 2 weeks before said exam and didnt have any alternative to delay the exam - for financial and legal reasons; i was facing unemployment and wouldnt have been allowed to keep studying on unemployment leave.

its the 6 months i spent in a womens shelter during my studies, where 1 friend came to visit - and 2 relatives. nobody even cared where or how i was living, how i was doing at uni; in a field that deals ENTIRELY with human behaviour and social structures.

its the five years i got my groceries from the food bank, despite having crazy workdays, studying, delivering pizza and being the head of the university paper (till i left cause one of the writers felt the need to harrass and grope me and nobody cared enough to get rid of him).

- these days, its the lifestyle. this nonchalant presentation of borrowed and stolen riches; the pompous foods and holidays you show off without even thinking how hurtful this might be to someone who never did enough wrong to deserve to have - nothing, rly, in comparison.

it is living in a city full of opportunities but no ways to get there, cause all the roads have already been taken by someone with a bigger portfolio of privilege.

most of all, tho, its the lacking reflection. this kindless and thoughtless consumption, while the rest of the world has, on average, 5 dollars a day to spend.

i sometimes wish i hadnt started studying; its not even been a rocky road; it was like having to carve it out of a mountain, to have others walk your path while you are taking a break from exhaustion.

these days, i am almost ashamed to be part of the 'upper class' on paper while being working class in principle and lifestyle, cause really, i get why 'the working poor' despise what your way of living represents:
that its OK for you to have cocktails in rooftop-gardens, while the rest of the world slaves away satisfying your needs.

who ever thought we would live in a world where folks are proud to work at google and other places, where the highest-paid workers dont only get an overly large wage - but tons of benefits besides.

benefits, as anyone who has studied social science should know, were meant to rid people of their disadvantages - so, why isnt it the cafeteria workers and janitors at google who get food and healthcare for free? and any wage that is non-liveable is a dying-wage, if we are honest. (if you dont believe me, check life-expectancy charts for poor and rich folks)

it feels like anyone with an income over 10k/month cant be bothered to take care of themselves anymore; where they can waste an entire 'normal peoples salary' on a juice-package pressing machine, get an uber while their driver probably sleeps in the car during shifts and even have their friggin toilet-paper home-delivered in 'cases of emergency'.

the only emergency i see here is the current state of our global 'elite'.

the same elite that starts start-ups to 'save the world' and then spends all of its funding on pricey dinners for the business angels, an endless parade of flights for all developers (cause, hell, why not travel like crazy with global warming and, wait, ONLINE-CONFERENCES), and travel-expenses per day that could feed anyone else for an entire month.

its folks taking my idea of a 'change-conference' outta my hands, to turn it into an event for rich, white, mostly male IT newcomers, while charging 16 euro per day per person for community-kitchen style food alone. (!)

like, rly, everyone who ever studied and wonders why the working class sometimes has it in for them - kindly take a look at what your actions say - they are usually way louder than your words.

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