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dear pirates

'so, the pirates are going to hell... well, no wonder with all the shitstorms, interior conflicts and that media coverage... what HAVE you been doing at all that wasnt already in the news?'

it took me some very deep breaths to tell my friend we'd talk about all the different levels of wrongness in a single question after i'd slept for a bit....

we get to hear crap like that all the time. as much as i am an idealist, a hacker and a full-time activist, as much do i hate being a politician.

ok. so we dont have an answer to everything.
ok. so we're mostly beginners in our latest field.
ok. we make mistakes. we fight. we argue. we discuss. at least we try. at least we still talk to each other.

first of, dont get to thinking that any other political party was any different... if only, they are a hell of a lot worse. all other parties have (at least) 3 factions: realists, idealists (whatever they believe in..) and some lose individuals on the edges... what they all have in common is one thing: they vote with the rest of the sheep.

you guys and gals out there do nothing but complain. over a bunch of hard working pirates who really really try their best. you're so busy smashing our work, our hopes and our spirits that you turn a blind eye on the established system which, meanwhile, continues to fuck you over, over and over again.

also: what do YOU do? you rly think voting every now and then is gonna make the world a better place?
and then you keep reading & watching the mainstream media and blame us for the image they're presenting to you. without any sort of reflection.
like, some guys insulting each other on twitter shouldnt be considered news.

dont you realize that someone has an interest in making us look bad? and who might that be?

you dont inform yourselves properly, you use the established channels for getting information and you dont have any second thoughts on the things that are NOT in the newspapers or on tv.

i know that the world has gotten more and more complicated with globalized capitalism but thats no excuse to give up. cause thats what you actually do. you have given in to the system, you believe their propaganda and you accidentally joined the pack of wolves you claim to be fighting...

it's good to be at ohm right now, to try and see things from the outside and come up with new ideas for the upcoming election - cause the atmosphere at work is poisonous, partly because of you, your ignorance and your tiresome questions.

you might wanna look at the local pirate factions homepages... there IS media coverage on all the good things we do. you just need to wanna put a slight effort into it. but since we're actually doing all the work, a little reading on your side isnt too much to ask for, is it?
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