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we need to talk? YOU need to listen!

dear friends and affiliated lifeforms of all sorts... dear hackers.

the fire created by the incidents that led to the current blogpost from asher wolf (this one here:   http://asherwolf.net/dear-hacker-community-we-need-to-talk/101/   you should read it!) has not even gone out whilst another one has arisen again. my heart is burning with rage and hope both at the same time.

you wanna know why? i just finished my first ever online computer game without being (sexually) harrassed and or threatened.

i have played that game, league of legends in this case, for more than a year now. have an educated guess: what did i do differently this time? right, i paid a shitload of money to change my nickname, from n3rdyg1rl to alphakiller 81.

it was actually my bf's idea, i never thought it would be so easy. i behaved like i always do, i even fucked-up during both games i just played, despite the fact that i usually do great, but still the other people finally treated me like a human. even when i started to rage a little over a teammate, the people did get mad but not humiliating.

wanna know what it used to be like?
it starts with the enemy team, who often greet girls with: 'oh, u a girl? i'm gonna rape you.' (!)

i tried everything, not replying, complaining, explaining, ... nothing rly works. if you expect any sort of sympathy from the others who didnt harrass you in the first place: get out of online computer games. people don't give a shit. those mostly well-bred white male kids chill out at home while their fellow asshole teenagers scare the last girls off the server...

i'm very happy to be old enough now to deal with that crap, and having a bodyguard-trained bf with a lot of courage and a huge heart. otherwise, i think at some point even i might get scared.

its always the same pattern: the loser of the team picks the girl and blames her. even if i was 3lvl further in the game than that idiot, the others would usually agree with him or dont say anything at all. after that, it doesnt matter what you say or do, if you want peace, you can only mute them. :/

you might think now, its just a game.

when people come to your teamspeak server and tell you that now they got your IP and will come over to your home and kill you (! yes, over a freaking 20min round of a stupid game!) i rly think the fun is over.

what actually worked best was to either get my male friends or my bf to talk to them. or horribly threatening them myself. but seriously what shit is this? i dont wanna tell a guy who greets me with rape analogys that i'd love to come over to his place and fist him so hard his eyes would start bleeding, just to shut him up. just to get treated like any other 'normal' gamer.

which brings me to the next step.
do you fellow male citizens rly all believe the world was your playground only? even the more enlightened ones are surprised by girls playing compy games, going to hackercons and showing up at the local hackerspace.

you know what? this may come as a surprise to you but WE ARE IN FACT THE MAJORITY. WE ARE THE 52%

we are the largest minority in history.

and you dont even think about us, unless including sex.

that horrible gang-rape that ended in a tragic and terrible death of a woman who had all her life in front of her didnt leave you speechless. you just didnt talk about it. i dont know a single woman who didnt show severe signs of stress and sadness over the incident - but a lot of guys. you should be ashamed that you dont give a fuck.

instead people have taken to making fun of those who try to make a difference. i almost threw up over the first 5 mins of hacker jeopardy on 29c3. a bunch of privileged, miseducated, well-meaning nerds who didnt even get how insulting their 'jokes' really were.

i dont care how smart you claim to be. if you dont learn to treat women with respect asap, i swear to eris, i will break your freaking noses unless the bad of you (get) shut up and the good finally start acting with us. not for us, not in the patronising way.

seriously, you arent only responsible for what you do but what you let happen to others cause you think its not your problem. it is. as long as you are human.

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