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"conservatives" - bite my shiny metal ass

after a long and interesting political debate i came to realize something.
politics, globally, is a fucked-up thing. orly, you will think, but i might have an idea how to slip the idea of a better world into the public opinion.

society, nowadays and everywhere, is based on fear. fear of others, like a common interior or exterior enemy, fear of being left behind, fear for your own existence.
humans are designed to adjust badly and slowly to change, yet change, whether we like it or not, is the only thing that is for certain, except for death.

as we talked to a friend from palestine tonight a thought crossed my mind: even the terminology in politics is wrong. and that's a huge part of the problem.
the average human is focused too much on surviving and fitting in with society to care too much about politics. we usually watch some news at night but we don't look too deeply into matters that are either out of our range of interests or geopolitical location.

thing is, the worst mistake we make is the local one. in every country you have a "conservative" entity, party, group of power. they claim they want to stick to tradition and preserve our values...

as i said, the only thing that is for certain is change.
if we still had the traditional laws in europe we used to have in the middle ages, it would be ok to kill someone in broad daylight, as long as you could pay the bloodprice but you'd be hanged for stealing a couple of rolls. not really sure, if that made anyone nowadays happy.

if you take a closer look, tradition usually means protecting the property of a minority, political, religious, military elite, you name it.

conserving vegetables and fruit is great, for a time. but slowly but surely even good things turn bad over time.
pretending to want to conserve values that haven't worked out for most of us is like claiming you'd be willing to eat anything that's been canned for 60 years.

rotten food kills you in the end, even if it keeps you from starvation for a little. it doesn't taste that good, either, from my experience.

if you really want to make a change, start with yourself. that includes your own political groups. as long as we as a global social movement don't get ourselves to overcome (personal) prejudice and work together for a greater good, our political opponents will have no reason to believe anything we say.

may you grow on the obstacles put in your way. hasta la victoria siempre.
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