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dear proud parents

it's understandable that you want your children to grow up as free as possible. it's important for kids to be able to play, to enjoy the company of others and express themselves freely.

if you're living in a (sub)urban environment that actually means, you need to take your kids to the next best playground. you know why? cause we have rights, too.
my bf usually works nightshifts, today till 8 in the morning. even though we keep the blinds down while still sleeping, we got woken at midday by some self-centered bitches children who kept screaming right in front of our window (ground floor) for about 10 mins while their cow of a mother was talking to someone.

as i opened the window to check if the noise was going away any time soon, the first thing i heard was an angry: "what the fuck do you want". i said "well, you know, we usually work at night, thx for waking us up." the answer: "it's the middle of the day."

what does that have to do with anything? we are human. we all deserve some quiet and peace and even though it might be legal to let your kids scream like crazy in the daytime: there's a reason why we got so many playgrounds in the city (berlin).
it's not really a question of what is legal and what isn't. i could be having parties till 10pm each day, just... have an educated guess how much our neighbours with children would love that...

what i think you'd need to teach your kids is social skills, responsability and that living together means to make compromises. if you feel your children should be running around screaming all day, why don't you move to the countryside, where nobody cares? stress is known to make people sick, why do you let your kids annoy the shit out of the whole neighbourhood till people get so mad they set your 2k prams on fire?

i actually like kids, just not the self-centered little bastards that get raised by a 40y old mother who believes she's raising the next einstein.

your kids don't need yoga in kindergarten or japanese in grammar school if they come out as antisocial rats who don't know shit about modesty and some consideration on the impacts of your own actions.

i'm currently thinking about breaking my rule not to drink. seems like the perfect day for getting drunk in front of the kindergarten down the road. it's legal, right?

p.s.: dear hipster mom from earlier on: imagine my bf was a doctor and your offspring got sick. you so sure you'd want a doctor to operate on your kids who only slept 4 hours last night?
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