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work ethics

due to the regular trouble you come across in politics, i've spent quite some time thinking about work ethics lately. work, by definition, is labour you get paid to do. ethics means acting noble in the things you do.

nowadays, most of us wouldnt be doing our regular work if nobody paid us for it. how can you ethically fulfil a job and the responsibilty that comes with it, if you wouldnt be doing it in the first place without a financial need on your part? then again, where do we draw this line? there's regular folks who contribute to mass murder.

germany, for example, is the 3rd biggest arms exporting country in the world. we own 11% of the global market. our weapons kill people, including civilians, in countries such as (south) sudan or mexiko, for example. we have no trouble delivering hundreds of tanks to democratic strongholds such as saudi arabia, qatar or israel.

germany is like any other country, most people over here dont mean anyone harm. thing is, even if you're only an accountant in an arms factory, you are part of this problem. i cant understand why we claim all the refugees should 'go back home and sort their problems out'. last week i was talking to someone on the phone and she said 'you know, this friend of mine was talking about those refugees on the berlin rooftop - he said they should jump, since they had no right to blackmail the german welfare system' (!). wtf. seriously, what the fucking fuck. how about the right to a life in dignity??

how do people not see that we are the source of that problem? everyone gets that you can be a nice guy, loving husband and father, regular church-goer or whatever but if you're also the guy driving the train to auschwitz, you're an asshole.

so how come we refuse to take responsibilty? for the landgrabbing we do, the resources we exploit, furthermore, the PEOPLE we exploit and, last but not least, the weapons we deliver to conflict zones?
our wealth is based on colonialism and its effects, which are pretty much still as active as back then. just, somehow we think we are entitled to all of that. even by doing a regular job that doesnt hurt anyone, most of us contribute to this global slave system with the products that we buy. most of us dont really have a different choice, so we basically cement our own misery by enslaving others. why go through all the trouble of having to pay northern germans a fair salary to pick shrimps, when you can ship the load to marocco and have women working under slave conditions. and you can even ruin the environment more effectively in the process. yay. sarcasm off.

just last week, i had an interesting debate with a friend of mine, a nice canadian professor who, despite being a really humble guy, happens to be dean of arts at his uni. when asked where he, as a political scientist, would start changing the way things are being run, he said: education and, most of all, the empowerment of women.

now, whats that got to do with anything, you may ask. well. lets try this approach: as a society who goes by binary gender roles and most people playing along, there are certain character qualities that we perceive as male or female.
most gender-typical jobs go well with those stereotypes, too. so, what do we have? we have a bunch of white, male people running the world. in politics, as well as economics, being 'aggressive' and never compromising are considered character assets. its a male-dominated world in which power fantasies are bigger than humanity.

if we look at the latest development in ukraine, obama was basically called a weakling and a coward for NOT taking immediate military action. right. cause there is nothing more important to doing your job than never giving in.

what sort of world do we live in? we are expected to always win. in a competitive game, there can only be one winner. where does that leave the rest? and what do we gain by 'winning' those fights?
according to some in israel or palestine, it would be a victory to eradicate the other side - i'd say it would be one of the darkest days of humanity and proof that we havent learned anything from the holocaust.

unless you talk to a fanatic, the regular human will tell you that we are all worth the same. how come we arent even willing to help the beggar down the road, let alone the refugee on our doorstep?
sure, the work most of us do doesnt directly harm anyone. but the luxuries we enjoy in our everyday lives were built on the sweat, tears and lives of others. that probably happened around the time when corporations decided to move elsewhere, both regarding taxes and work force.

capitalism puts profit before people, thats old news. i've heard it so many times, i am sick of hearing people say they are just trying to get by - if you're trying to get by and you run someone over in the process, its an asshole mentality and its also where the debate on your personal 'rights' ends.

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